the usual random stuff


i know, that’s not a good title.

i couldn’t really come up with anything else anyway.
just some things that don’t deserve separate posts.. but need to be talked about anyway.


in my earlier post, i asked some questions.. and sol once again put things in perspective with her comment. it is a combination of all the factors, but this means that any decision, any point in our life is not us. that we ourselves have no identity per se, we are the sum of our component parts – and this includes all those around us. on many occasions before i have talked about the way our connections affect us.. so this means the self is itself an inmeshing of these “connections”.
is it possible ? that our “identity” is a rationalization for our mind to incorporate opinions, feelings of others when “deciding” something ? it seems possible, as we always try to make sure that we don’t hurt the people around us when doing anything. when this is not done, selfishness is the result.. which is frowned upon.

then how is each one of us unique ?
simply because no two people can have the same kind of connections, the same components. that seems right.. but feels wrong. my “identity” is not my own.
i never had one ?


i had reviewed sage and habari xenu.. and have latterly discovered the in-built thunderbird manager for RSS feeds – which is pretty good. it can be set up to check periodically for updates, highlights updated feeds, remembers read & unread items.. its a nice package. there is no specific notification i.e. popup window .. but i think the fact that the feed is emboldened with a count, is good enough.
importing feeds has to be done with a plugin though.. but still, its worth it if you use thunderbird.


chris made a great point with my earlier post.. wherein he made an analogy :

Sometimes I wonder if life just happens.

Sometimes it feels like it is a large wave that carries us along.

We decide to swim here and there, but the current always carries us to unexpected places while we seek to swim in a certain direction.

quite beautifully put if you think about it.. and makes all the figuring out much more basic.
think about it : one can change the direction for a while, but there is an overall direction to everything we do; which cannot be changed. however, the final destination need not be the same for us all.. we can go nowhere, or we can go everywhere. even the connections we make in this lifetime make all the more sense.. we are all floating in the same giant sea.


the human quilt looks like a pretty interesting project.. i wonder if this one can actually go somewhere ? some amazing ideas out there.. and the blogosphere has certainly done its bit in making them come alive.

found another project i’d lost the url of – the complimenting commenter. this person – with a beautiful aura of mystery – passes compliments to everyone met; definitely makes you feel good. its a great thought to spread kindness via kindness.. i can only hope it goes a long way. i can only imagine the effort it takes – havta figure out a way of doing my bit.


you can see my ‘update’ graphic alongside.. is it possible for someone to edit it to read ‘reply’ ? i’m not too confident of my graphics skills in such matters.. so please do let me know. thanks in advance too.
thanks to lucas, its done ! check it out in action in the comments section 🙂


..and to all those commenting here as well.. a big thanks. 🙂


5 thoughts on “the usual random stuff

  1. I too like the idea of the Complimenting Commenter. Someone is taking considerable time just to pass a smile and ask nothing in return? That is a quality we could all aspire to.. pure kindness.

    Thank you also for making it a point to continue to stop by my sight. It has come to be something I look forward to and akin to the Complimenting Commenter, I do smile every time I see your name and the name of the few others that comment.

    I believe, even though there are so many outside factors that “influence” who we are, it is still our own identity. Afterall, it is you that pick and choose what influences you allow to affect you. No?

    Reply: thanks for the compliments.. but any blog/site i read is always due to the author, and the way they write.. what appeals to me will always be read/seen. comments – only when i have something to say. its a great feeling to know someone likes what they see.
    as far as choice goes, you are right. however, there are many subcounscious factors which influence what we choose too – and some of these are decided by those things we choose to ignore.
    i know there is no straight answer to this question.. sometimes one wonders if there is ever a point. 🙂

  2. I’m no graphics wizard, but I enjoy playing… 🙂 I can make that read reply….I’ll email you with what I come up with.

    Reply: thanks ! works perfectly.. its implemented alongside 🙂

  3. As to your “identity” thoughts I think we do make each of ours “our own” in the way we help to mold as we grow older. Because of the connections we choose to make and we decide to take away from our experiences etc. Not quite complete Masters of our domain, but then that’s not something worth aspiring to anyway. 😉

    Reply: interesting point.. do we really want control over everything we do ? can we ?
    and again.. can we really control what adds to our knowledge and what doesn’t ? i think even the things we ignore become part of how we think – by virtue of not being there.
    weird. 😉

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