not again.
i had a beautiful post all structured out in my head.. and when it came down to writing it – i’ve forgotten it.
and for some zany reason, i have a compulsion to post just to tell you that.

a sudden thought occurs.. we say ‘shit’ and ‘crap’ all the time – ever heard anyone say ‘faeces’ ?

why are you still here ? i’ve still not remembered..


4 thoughts on “dammit

  1. That happens to me many times actually too many times but that is just a sign of a busy life when it happens. Speaking of busy I have not been here in too damn long does that make me a shitty, or crappy friend? I hope not….at least I came back. I also see you have been checking out something to replace bloglines. Have you evaluated kinja, if not you might be interested in doing so. You can go to http://www.kinja.com and find out about it. I like it alot. Hope to see you around more for I have missed you very much sweet one.

    Reply: ah well, whether i have a busy life is debatable 🙂
    in no way could i call you that.. your posts keep doing more for me than you can imagine – due to RSS i may not always be visible on the site. i’m always around.. i just don’t have something to say all the time. i’m currently on sage/thunderbird.. and off web-based APIs. 🙂 but thanks, the thoughts never left me.

  2. i love posts like this and in fact that is how I start MOST of my posts… then they grow. almost orgnically. or as if they have a life of their own. I hate talking like this (so wanky and pretentious) but I think it is actually true…

    Reply: yeah, that was the way this one came out. i don’t know about wanky/pretentious.. i think our minds have a mind of our own; if you know what i mean 🙂

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