of mangoes


this is about this, not this.

i won’t be shitty about it, and not say that the SBC had nothing to do with this. they did. i found myself linked on mango’s blog coz of them.
yeah, and a shitmaster gave out an idea of a farewell post.
and in true shitty fashion, here it is. 6 days later.

yeah, and the way i found mango, was through technorati’s service. so every 20-odd days, mango’s blog would been given a look-see.
until he came up with the mangozine.
i actually read that “mag”, from cover to cover.
or whatever, it was a pdf.

frankly, it was a jitter when i read the final post. other bloggers have come and gone, but some are considered institutions. mango was one. at least, for me.

i don’t know why.. there are not always reasons for these things. i do hope he’ll remember some of us if or when he ever comes back. i hope his novel reaches fruition someday. i’ll probably read it too.

he’s going to be married soon, i wish him love in that. and i hope he has a good one.

you were cool dude. in every sense of the word.


5 thoughts on “of mangoes

  1. Thanks for everything.

    In the short term, I’ll be making a few appearances as a guest blogger on a few of the SBC sites.

    I will keep you posted if I ever resurface, or finish the Taming of Carolyn.

    Thanks again,

  2. OMG! Someone actually listened to my suggestion.

    Of course, I would expect as much from another long time Mango Reader, and old timer from the SBC.

  3. I had heard of mango before but never really went to his site till a few days back.

    He’s cool alright. And I am sure that he will be back to blogging sooner if not later.

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