lost in the music


when it comes to music, there is something magical in the air.

i mean, there is something magical in the ear.

now playing: janis joplin – leaving on a jetplane

music has always had a special significance for me, i hear anything from pop to rock, to classic ..and classical, to country, jazz, soundtracks.. language is no bar – one of my weirder choices was swahili 🙂
i kid you not.

now playing: grease – summer days

i cannot claim to be any expert, who has heard everything there is to be; or even someone who would have heard everything you talk of. it is probable i would have heard it without knowing it, but i believe in music.
the genre, the composer, the type, the artists rarely are a criterion.. music in itself is a language.

now playing: shankar mahadevan – breathless

now playing: green day – boulevard of broken dreams

my favourite memory of music’s effect was yanni and my exams. every morning, en route to college, the car would be empty; with yanni playing. i would actually leave the car refreshed.. the music was enough to allow me to recharge in the half-hour it would take me to reach college.

interestingly, classical music while working on assignments does wonders for allowing one to really immerse oneself in the theory. and then really get out the perfect idea for the solution.

now playing: dus – dus bahaane

most of those nights that i spend not sleeping are possible due to the music that goes in the background.. without it, i don’t know how long i could have taken humming computers on standby.

on the flip side, silence is something i search for anywhere. in one of my favourite places in aberdeen, the local park, the favourite time of day is around 1 am – absolute silence. i remember a night roaming in the outskirts of mumbai, when the silence was actually deafening. there came a point when some of my friends started talking just to alleviate it.

at that time i realised the sound of silence was a music of its own. there can come a time when it can seem deathly silent.. this is rare.

now playing: ar rahman – rasiya

there are some people who never listen to music, this may make no sense to them. sometimes i wonder whether the point is there are some of us who need the be shown a way of leaving it all behind us, and getting lost in the music. losing ourself in a way, maybe…

…lost into space…….

hmm, yeah.. well as i was saying, we need to leave our body behind and go into a region where music surrounds, envelopes, and finally defines us.

and so the music becomes us.

now playing: evanascence – haunted

11 thoughts on “lost in the music

  1. AA

    I more than agree. From a classical, non-classical…every damn standpoint. Although I’d like to say more, I don’t want to reduce the significance of what I’m trying to say by doing it now in a hurry…

    Funny how as I read your entry I had just finished practicing and am listening to music.

    Reply: ironic, i wanted to include some of the classical that i was listening to, though that generally happens in the mornings. always has been a regret that i didn’t pursue that more seriously, when i could.
    ah well, love for it has only grown due to that 🙂

  2. Leaving on a Jet Plane by Janis Joplin? I thought John Denver had the original, and Chantal Kreviazuk had a cover, though Google says so did Peter, Paul and Mary.

    Strange. Nice song, though. And a rare thing – the cover’s done very well too.

    Reply: if you look around you find ones by justin timberlake too 😛
    I have all three (and no, not timberlake’s), and its quite cool how each one is different, while being the same.
    the other song from ‘armageddon’, aerosmith’s ‘i don’t wanna miss a thing’ is good too, though they do lapse to their traditional method towards the end of it.
    oh well, love the song all the same. goosepimples, what can i say ?

  3. if music was the food of love, play on…

    being married to a musician, music is everywhere in my life, it surrounds it, we live through it, with it, in its midst.

    current favourites: kings of convenience, maria taylor, meme and ward. ah bliss…

    Reply: ah well, my family is musically inclined, its a very real presence in my house at any time too.
    when i first shifted to the UK, that was something i felt incomplete without.. all the music. the first sounds were like nectar to the ears; when i finally found a computer with a CD drive and a sound card.
    amazing how i didn’t really realise that until then.

  4. Music is of all types one for each mood we have I sometimes think. You have touched on some of my favorties here. Thanks sweet one.

    Reply: well, you’ve hit upon a topic for a future post.. i was just pondering the importance of a background track in a movie; and how i can find one for many times in my life.
    interestingly, the mood changes with the music it is in, too.

  5. I love music. It soothes the savage beast. I use it and stay angry. It keeps me company, gives me hope and reminds me of sadder times that I’ve lived through and become stronger. Yet I am a horrid singer that everyone always tried to shut up. Until one Christmas in my office I was singing with Alvin and the Chipmunks and when I saw my husband standing there in the doorjam I quickly hushed and he told me not to. He didn’t care how horrid it sounded he just said when I sing he knows I’m happy.

    Reply: there are many more feelings than i can ever explain when i listen to music.
    i would never say anyone’s music is bad.. each of us have our own way of making music; and it is amazing how many feelings we can emote using it.
    the beauty is that even silence has a music of its own.

  6. Unfortunately, what constitutes as music to some is regarded as noise by others.

    And I simply trip out on Vivaldi and Tchaikovsky besides classic rock.

    Reply: western classical.. i can’t say i’ve heard a great deal; other than the classic station on the radio. i’ve heard yanni to an extent(rain must fall will always have an effect on me).. but then yanni cannot be classified as pure classical.
    did you know even noise can be soothing sometimes ? 😛

  7. George Clooney's back

    green day – boulevard of broken dreams: ALWAYS HOTT. i loved that song the minute i heard it and everytime from them on i would hunt it down even if it was playing somewhere remotely. and then i said fuck it and downloaded it illegally. and then i lost it. i can’t even find it anymore. that’s right, i can still hear it ringing in my head.

    i’m in a really blog-ish mood right now. word.

  8. Amma

    I feel very sorry I should have contd. your music lessons after we returned from Dubai. May be today you would have been a better singer than Warsha!!! Listenig to you she should have improved her music like learning raga and swaras etc. though no doubt she is a good singer and I think she is going to perform in” MALHAR”. Even today the first thing I listen early in the morning is Carnatic Music. May be like Warsha I should have pushed you. It is still not too late If you find a good Guru you can start!!! I think I was concentrating more on your studies and missed a great hobby of yours.

    I am really sorry.


    Reply: who said i’ve missed it ? there is a different love now, there is a different way it has developed. the point is that if i was that serious, i would have made it happen. i didn’t; and that is no fault of yours.
    and time has not passed far yet, there is still hope there 🙂

  9. guess who?

    A very good topic to blog indeed – BUT music is in sharing and singing aloud (just to put down the walkmans and flash players of today). I have never found you both singing aloud even if it be in bathroom. That is the only world can be brought into the music world. Share your music by singing aloud or listening aloud.

  10. Great blog! I agree, music defines all of us. I actually sang “leaving on a jet plane” for the Malhar audition and i think I’m going to get through. Ah, music is life. Definitely my life. Don’t know what i would do without it. I like Indian music for the sheer enjoyment of learning it. Every raag, bhaav(curve) and taal. Whereas Western music is a completely different part of my life. It is something I have solely pursued with no expectations whatsoever from anyone. Well, you know me, I’m stuck to it 24×7. I only don’t understand mosh and death metal but whatever else sounds good to me is good music for me. Hey, great selection of songs on the blog. There’s nothing more self-satisfying than singing out loud or playing music that you have a passion for.

    Reply: death metal is a very different attitude to music – pain. mosh is a derivative of it, and having done it; i can tell you its not worth it. 🙂
    there are more songs i want to include, am toying with the idea of making it a standard feature.
    classical music is more interesting when you know what it involves; you know exactly what it takes. consider yourself lucky 🙂

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