in the interim


there will be no update for another week, as i’ve realised just how far behind i actually am in my work.

there are going to be a few more sleepless nights, i can see.. but the next update may be out in a week.
until then, i’ll leave you with my fiction; and this.
oh yay.

but i will be back. rest assured of that.
like there was ever any doubt.

yeah, i’ve got to stop talking like two people on this page as well….


4 thoughts on “in the interim

  1. bubba

    Hey there Sev. I finally found your site again. Take care and I’ll read for awhile to catch up on your post since I have been gone.

    Reply: found you again too 🙂 where did you disappear ?

  2. work cough yes. i don’t even start till october but had a nightmare the other night that my supervisor shouted at me for being so far behind. hm. maybe me and dphil-stress doesn’t go so well together… I’ll be breezing through your fiction this pm (as I’ll be baby-free yay!)

    Reply: i think i’ll know more if and when i start mine too.

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