“the one problem we still haven’t solved, my dear Watson, is how to while away these long summer evenings…”

that about sums it up right now for me. how do i get through the days ?

i have my finals in a few days, but studying stuff i’ve already studied is a little boring.
correction: is a lot boring.
i can’t actually say i’m the master of the domain.. but still – i’m not sure right now whether its my knowledge talking here; or my over-confidence. and i stick to that regardless of how egoistic it may seem.

there have been some pretty cool movies in the last few days. i’ve almost completed watching sergio leone’s creations – bloody brilliant. think the dollars trilogy, once upon a time in the west, once upon a time in america… classic action will always beat slow bullet time motion hands down. for me.
you have to hear the harmonica; and then watch Harmonica whip out his gun to appreciate it.

i have a presentation due too, but seriously; how long do presentations take ?

as one can see.. there are activities; and yet i say i’m bored.
and when i’m bored i think. and think.
yeah, i think too much. not good.

maybe i’ll expound on something more in a while. i liked seeing regular updates here.


6 thoughts on “ennui

  1. I’ve been on something of a film fest myself, but it’s mostly filled with Hitchcock and Orson Welles stuff, all Noir because it’s my new “thing”.

    Your exams will be a breeze for you, I’m sure. 😉

  2. Anisha

    Oh I can relate so well to the topic of this entry. It’s like the “I am going to pull my hair out feeling.” And after some time… even thinking ceases… shit!

  3. as long as you’re thinking, at least, you’re not falling into the trap of ennui… did you see l’ennui the french film by the way? This is a brilliant, but (i found) disturbing film.

    I must admit I love these last summer nights, sitting outside, reading, chatting… but then I don’t have presentations and finals coming up…

    Reply: yeah well.. that’d be a good thing if the thinking actually led somewhere. it doesn’t, it leads to after-effects in me that can’t be said to be helpful 🙂
    i can’t stop thinking, but ennui means that all the thinking power i have is concentrated onto trivial things. not good.
    its true this is some of the best weather i’ve seen all year.. with a little of scotland’s inherent randomness thrown in. but beauitful all the same.
    i think i’ll watch l’ennui out of sheer ennui 😛

  4. Mysterious Guy

    My suggestion would be buying good stuff for that handsome, sexy, brilliant, intelligent, brave guy called Subrato in your flat. Becoming his personal slave for some days can help you kill time and win you extra credits for heavan.

    Reply: yeah right. you wish.
    death to slavery !

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