the last nights


it feels like a journey of a lifetime, but it is only a return home.

sunset as i leave aberdeen. through the window on the left, next to me, the sea shimmers in golden light. through the window on the far right, fields flash by; bright in the final sunlight for the day. the UK’s famed countryside is golden as the day comes to an end.
all too soon, the sight passes & the familiar green surrounds the highway. the bus speeds on to london.

it is 11 in the night, we’re out for a midnight walk here in my friends university. we come out of the block of hostels to be faced by the football field. in the night, one cannot differentiate between the land and the sky in the distance.

i sit on the dewy grass and let the cool night air flow over me. the division of land and sky is a little more visible. i am almost lost in the darkness, a large shrub behind me and the nearest lamppost about fifteen yards away. i lie back on the soft grass and look up at a starry sky. pinpoints appear as i scrutinize the night sky. all at once i feel it close down on me; and yet open up. i cannot see the moon around, and in the lack of its light i can disappear into the stars.

it is peaceful, supposedly. my mind wanders in the silence and ranges to the many questions that remain…


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