an explanation


i love understatement.

  1. i fucked up.
  2. big time.
  3. people too important, too close are hurt.
  4. i can never make it OK. For me. Or them.
  5. i’ve become someone i thought i could never be. the paradigm has changed.
  6. i hate myself too.

oh, and life sucks too. if everything else wasn’t enough.

note: …and not even ‘the alchemist’ is helping. nothing can.
note: argh.
fuck it.


6 thoughts on “an explanation

  1. Ashish

    Life sucks…
    One time atleast…everyone gets fucked in life…thats how it is and thats how its gonna be…
    Best thing u can do is be sure that now that u have been thru it there shud be better things up for grabs…
    cheer up…happens to all of us kind…shitty life.

  2. You know, I have no more idea than anyone else of what has happened but this I do know. Or, this I believe.

    We will all go through periods of time when we screw up. We will hurt our friends or family and at times they will hurt us. What becomes the question one must ask of you, or themselves the most.. “Was it intended.. Did he mean to hurt?”

    Mistakes happen, garbage happens but we love our family and friends unconditionally… meaning.. there is NO claus in there stating that you are my friend only as long as you don’t cause me any pain or discomfort. None.

    I’ve been hurt by friends but none of them honestly meant any real harm. The outcome was far different than the one they anticipated. I still love them dearly cause they are humans. We all as humans are prone to doing dumb things from time to time.

    I hope, whatever has happened, will ultimately end in such a fashion for you.. unconditional friendship includes forgiveness. And you must look at yourself and forgive yourself.

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