bloody hell..


72. seventy-fuckin-two.
82. eighty-bloody-fuckin-two.

comments. spam comments, mind you. in less than 4 hours.

the wordpress spam filter was smart and moderated most… but seriously ? 72 ?
what is the point ? sales ? i know i’m going to hate anyone who is advertised through it.

can’t say linked.. half the time, its random links.. to people i’ve never heard of.
linking ? which does not exist ?

or maybe its like fake linking, and they charge the people for having set up links. maybe i’ve stumbled upon the big conspiracy of the century. spam comments are actually the fake billing techniques for people who have no other point in life. talk of sad.

yep. me. i’m talking of sad.


One thought on “bloody hell..

  1. If you’re having problems with spam comments in WordPress, there is a website I know of that may be very beneficial to you. The people who I know use it have told me that it stops spam on their WordPress blogs completely. I’m not sure if you’ve taken a look at these people already, but if you haven’t, then you may want to look into it.

    I too know the problem with spam comments; my blog usually gets a few every so often at Blogger. I noticed a large amount of them in my acrhived posts just yesterday. I hope this was some help to you, Sev and I’m glad to see you’re still writing in your blog!

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