some things cannot be said..


..or expressed.

for example.. having completed a year with a blog. in effect, an online diary.

me, a guy who has difficulty expressing himself in any way. i am maintaining a journal. an online journal. and i look forward to seeing what others have to say about what i write.

there are mixed feelings here. amazement, that i can write. curiosity, about how i’m able to do it here. wondering, at the number of people who can understand. happiness, that the world is not as lonely as i think it sometimes.

realisations come and go. the questions remain, albeit in a place i cannot go to now.
a weight lies on my mind, i do not deny that. i need to get it out, i know. can i, i don’t know.

i will say one thing though.


to all of you out there. all those people i have met through this space. there are so many friends i have made just through writing, so many people i have come to know, that i can’t believe it sometimes.

it means more than i can express right now, but i will. someday.
happy blogging, everyone. and thanks for being there.


7 thoughts on “some things cannot be said..

  1. I have been happy to come to know you, as well as one can through blogging. I hope ou keep it up and both of us might soon get back on to happier topics

    I hope you are well and though I haven’t been around much do think of you and wish you well.

  2. We’ve been through a lot, SEV and you helped me more than a real life friend would have. I am glad and honoured to know you and to consider you my friend. The distance does not matter, you will always be close to my heart. Happy blogiversary and hope to see you shine soon.

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