time flies..


before i know it, its been more than a few days since my last post.
as always not much has happened in the interim.
currently i’m living the utterly monotonous life of waiting.
i know that isn’t really a life, but hey, now we know the problem. 🙂

the degree being over, i’ve decided to go forth and study some more. a doctorate to be exact. even thats not very exact, but… it has to be in the field i’ve done that master’s in. so, applications out, and such decisions always take time.

meanwhile, i’m keeping myself so busy with..well..work.
ah, work.
wait, i can’t call it that, its more of labour.
yeah. thats a good name for it: paid labour.
stocking yoghurts, bread, cheese, butter, juice… you get the idea. it puts money on the table.. lets leave it there. i have a feeling though, that eventually i’m going to go brain-dead.

i’m also trying that research thingy.. at my old department. not fun, but i’m getting a taste of what it might be like to actually do a phd. i’ll keep you posted about all those beautiful papers that i’m reading. ‘a technique to perform multimodal…’….

and what about all the time that leaves in between ? all that time ?
you know, ‘a suitable boy‘, movies, friends, seinfeld, music have a curious way of swallowing up time.

wow, now thats life.


6 thoughts on “time flies..

  1. It’s funny how the grass ALWAYS seems greener on the other side. Here I am, sitting at home for the past one and a half years, ‘supposedly’ studying for exams. I even know what my maids are upto, know when they are going to their village, and what they do in the village, and etc etc… You get the drift. You couldn’t possibly know what joy stocking yoghurt would give me. Oh, to see some money on the table…

  2. Ashish

    Its not that someone is working or someone is not…Its just that at the end of it we are in the same unsatisfied state…yeah the money is on the table or in the bank or wherever but I don’t get the idea that is it all about the money or that it is just an accessory….the real deal is that we are hungry…at the end of the day for one thing or another so it is never really gonna make us busy…until of course we are fulfilled with whatever it is we do with our time…

  3. Seven years ago our youngest was diagnosed with type I diabetes and I decided that my plans for working on my degree would have to be put on hold so I could focus on him and his health.
    Now that he’s 12, the maturity still hasn’t evolved to where I feel comfortable enough with letting him take over his diabetes management so for now, my own life is still in a holding pattern.
    I think it’s times like this that are supposed to teach us patience.

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