tagged again..


rads tagged me, and so :

7 things i will do –

1) backpack across europe, america, and india. maybe the others too, if i have the time.
2) do some kind of higher studies in english literature.
3) teach. either what i’m doing now, or what i’m hopefully going to do in english.
4) learn music (again) in some form.
5) watch all those movies i have lined up.
6) read unabridged versions of all the classics out there.
7) attend a rock show by one of those big-name bands. one of those gigantic shows.

7 things i can do –

1) roll half my tongue. yes, half. no, i don’t know why this is first on the list.
2) stare for long hours without blinking. no idea if i’m any good at the game though.
3) read really really fast. kinda the reason for point #2.
4) find things to do on a computer. even after 14 hours on it. straight. maybe thats common.
5) spend time alone, and be happy.
6) listen, learn and observe everyone i meet.
7) figure meanings of words regardless of whether i’ve ever heard them before.

7 things i can’t do –

1) write left-handed. i think being ambidextrous is cool.
2) use decent grammatical hindi.
3) look good. so i’m not a real fan of what i look like.
4) like who i am. the person i am. the shitty.. i don’t think i really want to start that now.
5) stay angry about something for a long time. “nurse a grudge” to to speak.
6) open up to other people. about who/what i am.
7) stand stupidity.

7 words/phrases i say often –

1) logically..
2) technically..
3) how the fucking hell.. (fucking could be replaced for those who shouldn’t hear it)
4) bloody.. (you really want to know what follows ?)
5) yeah. right.
6) you really want to know ? yes, i know i said it 2 sentences up.
7) [person’s name] in a droll sort of way.

people i pass the baton on to-

not too sure if people would actually respond. so.. steal if interested.
and that is marie-style. 🙂


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