avatar the new


as one and all can see, i’ve gone for a new theme again.
this one is squible.. another new approach at looking at a blog.
i’m probably sticking to this for a while.. apologies to those who’ve been accessing the site for the last few days; and had erratic error messages dancing in their faces.

i still have to adjust colors a little, but this is probably the look for the site till i get bored. its pretty versatile; though it may take a while to figure out.

some notes: comments via the “nifty” box alongside posts.
also, archives are much more dynamic now; so the first load might take a little time while it caches the database. to anyone that sounds greek/latin to; that means the site might load slowly now and then, especially when you load the archives.
and, asides finally implemented – easypeasy in this theme. 🙂

problems to be reported. comments – you know what to do.


One thought on “avatar the new

  1. Ashish

    If you keep changing look & feel everytime…people might find it difficult to relate. I still find the last theme (the one that had the eyes) as the most appealing. This one looks amateur-ish. 🙂

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