happy new year


when the new year started about 8 hours ago.. the street party i was in erupted in celebration. it was a literal force of noise that slammed out of possibly 2000 people screaming at the top of their lungs. ushering in the new year.

funnily enough, i barely did.
i did scream, but i stopped. long before anyone else did. well within, i was missing something. i couldn’t quite define it.. i still can’t. all i knew was that it wasn’t there.
i remember reflecting over the events of the past year. a lot has happened.. a lot of it life-changing.
as always it barely seems possible that so much has happened so fast.. but i guess thats something you say every new year.

and suddenly a thought entered my head.
what are we celebrating ?
is it the end of a year ? the start of a new one ?
it happens every year.. even seems a long time while it lasts but, in a few years, you barely remember it at all anyway. in fact, if you think about it, there barely seems to be a lot to celebrate about.
work/college/school will start again.. the grind. life goes on. we remember that another year is passing. time is flying away even as we realise it. and there’s really not much we’re doing with it right now.

somehow there seems to be nothing to really look forward to. another day. another hour. another year.

happy new year, by the way.


3 thoughts on “happy new year

  1. We are celebrating because we need the break from the work, the frustration – need an excuse to enjoy the smaller moments of life….

    Cause at the end of your life, what you will look back at are these moments – the crazy screaming in a wild party, the walk along the moonlight roads, the song playing, and the memories associated with it… 🙂

    And a Happy New Year to you too.

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