the feeling of incompleteness.

the feeling of being alone. of knowing for all the proverbs out there; there is a point when you know just how alone you can be. and no, there’s never anyone there at the time.

the feeling of sadness. of loss. of regret.

the feeling of bury-me-in-the-muck-and-finish-it.

the feeling of exquisite pain.

the feeling when you want to end it.


5 thoughts on “felt

  1. Dude…let me be straight…chill…things happen…people change…u change…that does not mean that this is it…u have to learn to take it in ur stride…The world is not going to be your plaything all the time…well most of the time it will bite…and hard…and running away is not a solution…stand fast and endure….And as my good Friend Akash would say…”Be a man.”

  2. SEV

    Standing fast is hard, its harder when you feel there is no reason for it. Mard ban is a great thing to hear.. but when you feel nothing like a man, there’s no reason to be one.

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