“Shoot !”
His finger was on the trigger. Just a little pressure, and she’d be gone. Gone in an instant of smoke, explosion.. and a bullet. At this range he couldn’t miss. But not right now. There is a time and place for everything..

Hey, chickenshit ! Pull the trigger !”
Yeah, sure. Try to irritate me. Try to get under my skin. Hope that I’ll snap and give you the chance you need. Babe, if I really wanted to; I’d have finished with you ages ago. Had you, shot you.. and be done with it. All part of the job description.
But then I love you.. and that makes all the difference.

“What do you hope to do just standing there ? Don’t eye me up, pervert.”
Pervert ? Perv.. ? Why ? Wh..?

“Pervert, freak, gets your jack..”
Look at her.. brown eyes, flushed cheeks, perfect.. and she thinks that I was looking…there. Why ? Dammit.. can’t she see it in my eyes ? The sound of her screams seemed to surround him, possess him with a repugnance he could not bear. She had to stop. He would have to give in to her. She thinks you are a pervert. You. Are. A. Pervert.. Her screams grew louder.. louder.. his head felt like a coiled spring, waiting to snap.Tauter, tauter..
Then it snapped.

Almost without thinking, he flung himself at her. Her bonds were broken in an instant, it was all a matter of knowing where to pull. He stood over her.. she looking up at him with an expression of hate, anger.. and a speck of victory. Barely there, but he could see it.
You think you’ve won.. you’ve not. You don’t even know..

He was holding her now. Her. Closer, closer.. he opened his mouth to tell her, about how he had loved her since he had seen her the first time.. about why he had done this.. about everything..

He felt the strike even as he could see her hand come away from his neck.. so quick, so very quick.. His hands went up reflexively to clutch at the stilleto; even now he could feel every heartbeat pump out more of his life. His face contracted in his effort to ask.. ask why she had done it. Life or death was still within his grasp: his and hers. It was barely a second, but he knew his decision.

His only regret.. she would never know.

[Obviously, based on this.]


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