the ultimate information resource ?


gmail has tied up its ‘chats’ with ‘conversations’ within your gmail account. and just to spice things up a little, a little mock-up of upcoming features:

i can begin to imagine where all of this can go.

remember its ‘don’t be evil’.


3 thoughts on “the ultimate information resource ?

  1. Ho hum,
    I think this is taking GMail a bit too far. It feels like thrusting Google Talk upon you. All I need my mail service to do for me is store my email. That was the ‘selling’ point of GMail. With so many bells and whistles now (RSS, Chats) its just going the hotmail way..
    PS:- Gmail POP3 on my favourite email client for me anyday..

  2. As usual, I tend to get lost in your site.
    But that being said, I think you have a point, and a very big one at that. Especially the thing about Google as an online OS, and we accessing it through a thing client sometime in the future. Definitely the shape of things to come.

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