there are some things that happen for a reason.. and some that happen because we want them to. there have been many things that i have done for no other reason other than wanting to.

  • there used to be a time when i would maniacally cut out the ‘dilbert’ cartoons that appeared in the indian edition of the economic times, and carefully date them. these would be arranged by month.. and be pasted in a book that i made specially for this purpose. eventually, pressures of time caught up with me, and pasting took a back-seat. the cartoons would be placed in a folder, month-wise date-wise. then i managed to find someone who would cut them out for me. however, some days would be missed.. dates noted.. papers found.. cartoons cut. by me.
    now, i maniacally collect them online 🙂
  • similarly, i would religiously go through newspapers, cutting out articles of interest.. funny articles that tickled me.. even [apparently] collector’s articles. mind you, i’m sure some of them might be worth millions someday. there would be a time when a backlog of 3 months would lie in my house just so i could take out what i wanted. eventually, my dad gave in; and allowed me to mark them, so he could cut them when he would discard the papers.
    now, i don’t read the paper. else the cutting habit would resurface.
  • in the early days of my internet usage, i discovered the free subscription newsletters that are so readily avaiable online. jokes, movie reviews, tidbits, trivia.. you name it – it was all delivered to my inbox. 2.7 GB storage is passe today, but those were the days of no Gmail, 4 MB yahoo mail.. and i was receiving 30 mails a day. from subscriptions alone. and they were all read, and religiously stored on my PC (those were the days of POP3 yahoo too) when yahoo withdrew that, i shifted to IMAP and hotmail..
    eventually i realised the meaning of spam; and in 3 hours took my name off 95% of them.
    now, i still get mails from reader’s digest.
  • cartoons. comics. comic strips. i subscribed. i found sites where i could save them from. archives. file-sharing was a pipe-dream on a dial-up connection.. so i rigourously went to the sites, and viewed each and every comic in an effort to get them all. why ? i wanted them all. my collection has to be complete. every comic available.
    an addendum: until i realised that i could actually save the comic without the email; i saved the email.. when i lost 200 ‘bizarro’ comic strips; i realised my folly.. and found alll of them online.
    now, i have broadband. too easy :P.
  • i would analyze, imagine.. and generally figure out topics i could discuss on this forum. thoughts were crystallized.. i read some of my old posts recently (don’t you ?) and realised that a tagline ‘creativity and craziness combine…’ ,even if alliterative, was once true. the challenge was to think, and make the reader realise. stimulate.
    it feels like the mind has rusted.. the ideas don’t come.. in short, the tagline had to be taken off.
    now, i whine, talk random crap; and do tags on my blog. magic, i think, is being lost.

the reason for this sudden, personal, apparently pointless post ? simply put:

[13:40:08] Anisha: write about something that you are or were once passionate about (in ur blog). u can dedicate the entry to me 🙂

and so, dedicated to anisha. love you, babe 🙂


2 thoughts on “cacoethes

  1. AA

    I am beyond touched. Honestly, I didn’t think you were going to this. Ever. But thank you. For bringing back the Satish I knew… (and know)… and just being YOU! I always did and will look up to you. Kinda like in that pic… I look like the happiest kid in town! Heart.

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