boredom is the new black


life is monotonous. a slow uneventful progress of nothing. regular, undulating; and one cannot even go to sleep over it.
apparently, everyone i know is bored. bored of job-seeking. bored of sitting around. bored of working out of a cubicle. bored of waiting. bored of studies…
i guess you get the idea.

i had heard that one’s twenties are the most happening years of one’s life. independence strikes. wine, women, song and all that. life is supposed to be exciting; to the point that people know it as the ‘wild side’. go ballistic. go crazy.


not really. twenties are over-rated, really. a lot of life is overrated; if you think about it.
i know, one cane find the inspiration to do things. motivate oneself to get things done. actually get things done life; so to speak.
but why ? is there any real point ?

and that’s where i get stuck. there doesn’t seem to be any point to it all. at all. ever. movies get monotonous. music has been heard to the point where complete interludes are burned into memory. tv is eventually crap. reading helps; but reading all the time is something which the mood does not permit.
even reading ?!!

like wow.

i hope that it changes. else i know one person who just might be behind the next texas aberdeen chainsaw massacre. it would make for a good interview too:

“why did you do it ? commit genocide on such a large scale ?”
“i was bored.”


2 thoughts on “boredom is the new black

  1. Vati


    Come out with it – what is bugging you.

    At such times think of Robert Bruce and spider and how they achieved victory. I think life is short and sweet and we have to live it with a challenge. Keep your boredom away from your eyes and this ‘stone’ will not block the world which is widely open to you.

    Get into an “activity” which will keep you busy rather than the alienware on the lap all the time. Go into the world and come out of the boredom.

    In life many a time we are awaiting for things to happen and it can get to really boring. When finally success comes, all those thoughts become a past.

    Buckle up man & all the best

  2. AA

    Mr. Vati is 100% correct. You need to do stuff with your time. You’re wasting it now and will regret it later, because once life gets real busy, you won’t have any time to look back on things you never did… and should have/wanted to do… but nonetheless (for reasurance or something), I can relate.

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