recently, we starting making chapathis at home.

and i, for the first time, made my own chapathis. its a different feeling to eat something that you have made from scratch.

i have cooked before. my experiments in the kitchen have usually yielded pretty edible results.. but in general, to me, cooking is too much effort for the final requirement. or, at least, thats how i feel.

but somehow, with chapathis, its different. from the initial process of rolling out the dough, to the final flipping to ensure its cooked properly.. there is a sense of acheivement that one gets; when that first morsel is popped into one’s mouth. hot, steaming from the pan.. its a taste thats more amazing than most of the dishes that i eat. other than this one, of course. 🙂

there were many of you very worried when i reacted like this. it is very unlike me to let out frustrations thus, but this blog is a good form of expression. the post helped in many ways, though i’m kicking myself for probably worrying the shit out of all of you. it wasn’t so much a cry of ‘wolf’ as it was a scream to let out all the crap that i must accumulate.

some realizations hit me after the post – when i managed to vocalize it.. and maybe life is a lot like making chapathis.
(as ridiculous as that sounds.. its the only way i can relate both topics in this post)
it did let me take things into perspective.. and realise that only when one is sunk, the possibilities that can happen are really seen for what they are.
and also makes one realise that life sucks 😛

and that there are always better dishes than chapathis too….


4 thoughts on “chapathis

  1. Those look remarkably like flour tortillas. Sorry it’s short but I have to run for ice soon for my husband. Take care of yourself, eh?

  2. Vati

    Wow – really those chapati’s look good!! How I wish I get to taste them sometime – hope you see the point. But it is good to note that you ARE diversifying into other activities than the ‘alienware’ laptop on the lap!! Keep trying and wish you all the best!!

  3. Yummy! Why didn’t you experiment with those when you were here or when we were there? Good to see you “doing” something other than your alienware 😉

  4. Very true… there’s nothing more satisfying than making a good chappati…hell it’s good, if you’ve managed to make it. 🙂 Rolling them out into somewhat circular shapes is the highlight of the whole affair, there are usually a couple of tears in between, which you then patch up with bits of dough…which stick out even after you’ve baked the damn thing. But hey, it’s a chappati at the end of the day, and NO ONE can deny that!

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