in the latest..


have lately managed to finish porting over all the comments from both previous locations of the blog. yes, i did them individually. yes, i read them all.

no, i am not ashamed of wanting to see all the comments ever made on my blog. together.

an interesting point was brought home to me as well.. i used to follow the mantra ‘creativity and craziness combine…’ very literally. i mean, some things seem completely whacked out now.. though somehow it meant that people read, understood; and liked it.
hmm.. could mean my posts are going downhill.

ah, well.

inspired by marie, i’ve joined the x365 project. you can read the blurb at the site.. but essentially its 40 words on 365 people in my life. no ranking intended, no judgement. kinda remniscient of 10×10, which i was a big fan of. the yahoo! netrospective was the best of the lot. real evolution was mirrored.

in other news, personal joblessness has hit new lows. motivation factor is lacking despite ardent efforts to ensure it is otherwise. nevertheless, the outlook is far from bleak.
its just that the hope is too far away to see.

google has launched more products.. google finance now has inputs from blogs; and through a smart algo, manages to show you which news affects the market in real time. epic anyone ? it heading there, believe me.

thank you for reading. good night, and good luck.


One thought on “in the latest..

  1. Warshhhh

    I think this project is brilliant. Keep it going…
    Also, in no connection to this post, the new picture is simply cute. thanks…

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