reality ?


is reality just as we define it ? or is it the agreement of how we and the people in our world define it ? or is it just our perception of what really is ?

the more one tries to understand, to question; the more i am convinced that the answers do not come by looking. they come when one is not. they come when they are meant to be. we can spend whole lives trying to understand the nature of life; of reality as we see it.. and still be wrong. worse, we can be called mad.

what is it within us that causes us to want to conform to the behaviour acceptable to those around us ? does it mean that the majority is always right ? that cannot be, because this leaves no room for inception; for free will.
does ‘free will’, as a concept, really exist ? we do as society demands most of the time. any decision we ever take is governed by factors such as family, friends, time etc. more often than not, major decisions are made in consultation with those around us leading to a decision acceptable to all. by no means, can this be considered as free ?
so.. all inception is done by anomalies. people who would not accept the system. rather, people who would not accept the system completely.. some part is still fundamental to the way they work. those who completely disagree with the system would be called crazy, demented.. and we “treat”, accepting that ‘free will’ is an illusion we like to indulge in so as to not feel like slaves.. this then means that reality is more how we perceive the world’s view of the world around us. and given our mania for conformity.. we hence must find a compromise on this.. if not agree exactly. hence we have a majority who will accept norms such as sleeping and so on.. and a tiny minority who will not. within that we have those who will find ways of scientifically sleeping so as be able to justify staying awake.. and those who don’t give a damn.

how much of what i said makes sense ? to me, right now, i see myself being asked by quite a few as to what is wrong.. as the post seems to have undertones of weirdness. when we find something weird; we assume something is wrong. not different, not possible, but wrong. we must hence find solutions, explanations, answers, remedies.
we find that quantum mechanics does not follow einstein’s theories.. and hence quantum mechanics must operate on completely different basics. then we remedy the obvious gap by further developing equations that relate these two ‘realites’.

why assume that all realities must relate ? why work so that things which we do not understand must neccessarily be wrong ?

however, can we survive without conformity ? i doubt. ants cannot survive on their own without their hill.. it is worse for humans. where other ants ‘live and let live’.. we necessarily show our “evolutionary superiority” and all but destroy those who want to live outside our “hill”. everytime you’ve picked on that kid in school for not doing what everyone else is doing.. everytime we wonder sceptically about that person who wants to do something so different from everyone else; that they are unable to go forward.. we’re killing our people “outside the hill”.

evolution implies constant improvement. can we really “improve” if everyone conforms to the routine ? a unified vision is one thing.. the eventual conditioning of minds to be unable to think “outside the box” is more like where we are going.

one could argue, it is all by choice. we see that our herd does not allow such-and-such behaviour, and so will not indulge. those who do will be called rebels, antisocials, insane or worse. neither of these is by any form of choice. there is no real thing as choice. every choice we make is either already made by us based on our actions until that point.. or is unmade by the actions beyond that point. conscious decision actually plays a relatively miniscule role in such things.

all and any of these wonderings never really lead anywhere. its a circular track.. one always comes back one point in the reasoning; and is forced to question the basis.

question, without losing faith.

ironic then, that the band i wear on my wrist must read ‘faith’.

based on a diet of ’15 park avenue’ and ‘the matrix: reloaded’


2 thoughts on “reality ?

  1. AA

    so is it better to conform and live by the norm, or be the outlier? i like to think life is a mix of both, but we’re often caught in the act of conforming. and sadly enough, sometimes there is no better answer than that. definitely a complicated issue… and mostly solved by unconscious decisions (as you hinted), because of how we’ve lived, matured, and built our insides. our thoughts and beliefs. hmmmm “to be or not to be?”

  2. VERY profound man. Am too old to even begin analysing stuff this deeply. Your post reminded me of 2 of my favourite Asimov stories – ‘Profession’ and ‘The Franchise’. If you haven’t read these, suggest you do so ASAP. A lot of the sentiments you have put across here, are echoed there as well.

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