filling the blank space


its funny when i see my blog. thanks to x365, i manage a post everyday. i’m not quite sure who exactly is reading my 40 words.. but its fun to try and remember defining characteristics of people in my life. amazing how you realise that there’s very little you can say that would truly do justice to them.

try defining yourself. for you. horribly difficult. well, for me anyway.

the point of this post ? nothing much really. i’m doing as the title says. hoping that by randomly typing on this page, the void that is the inspiration today will get magically filled up. yeah, i know. i wish.

lords’. the home of cricket. awesome. another dream fulfilled in a way. rahman live in concert was a dream too. man, i’m good. filled up on a lot of tiny facts that i love to collect. that are absolutely no use to anyone on the planet. like the sparrow that managed to get hit by the bowler when bowling. or the fact that lords is named after its groundsman – who incidentally owned it. that the current ground is the 3rd location. that the slope of the ground is close to 8 feet. that no practice ever happens on the ground itself. that gordon greenridge has his name on both record boards – home and away teams. and so on.

i went to lords’ today. what did you do constructively with your day ?


4 thoughts on “filling the blank space

  1. I’m reading, and smiling 🙂
    Its a great project, don’t think I would be able to do this everyday though – its great that you are !!

  2. Amma

    Satish your project 40×365 is very interesting. Everyday, even before I open my mail I frist read your blog. I am really curious to know who is next person about whom you would have written those 40 words. It is really difficult to express our views about a person in 40 words. You are really great !!You are able to do it. Very interesting. Keep it up. Do not give up halfway though. All the best.


  3. I too thought about starting my own Project 40×365. Then I thought that I might get a lot of people pissed off with me for sharing my true feelings on them, so i have decided against it. But I still wish you luck on your endeavour!

  4. Dude,
    I went to Andheri (East) today. Which is in fact saying a lot. The one guy who wouldn’t be complaining is the rick driver who took me to SEEPZ. A princely 40 bucks against the usual 24…

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