these damned 365s are making me think about all these people i’ve met over the years. its funny too, the people you’d think have made such a difference to your life, you find so little to write about them. maybe coz there’s so much. my love for understatement helps though :).

the filter has undergone a change too.. i went from trying to find people who have really touched my life; until i realised that sometimes, people you barely know touch your life in a way you could never imagine.
the tendency of not talking a lot is not helping now.. there seem to be this plethora of thoughts just waiting to be put down on paper – i end up writing such random posts about how i want to talk, but don’t. ironic.
some innate barrier is not letting me set myself free 😛

some basic mechanism has definitely broken down though. i’ve managed to find something to think about in the silliest of movies.. and now the few thoughts that i do manage to crystallize on during anything.. just about go “poof!”
nice, i’m going dumb.

blue skies, a shining sun, long days. summer has finally come to aberdeen.

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