thinking aloud


while i figure out what i’m doing next.. some thoughts that occurred to me.

the latest phenomenon for us jobless internet users is orkut. its been around for a while now, but constant server crashes and lack of integration probably worked against it. now, its shot off. everyone who’s anyone is on orkut.. finding friends, finding contacts, scrapping.. going crazy. its insanely addictive, the 10 mails from orkut every morning alone in my inbox is testament to that. even now, an orkut window is open alongside, and refreshed every 5 minutes to be able to reply to scraps. google’s acquisition is finally paying off.. and in the long run, they’re looking at a gigantic database of active users – populating it with likes, dislikes, friends – a real picture of their future demographic. they’ve added wishlists from shopping sites.. so lets see.. one plus one makes ?

discovered the firefox performance hacks that help. they are hacks, not solutions, hopefully the next release (FF2) will contain fixes. the realization that memory management is important is dawning to developers, something that beta2 of IE 7 has actually shown the way in. speaking of which, that browser might actually take back its market.. the beta is very promising, even for a diehard FF fan as is me. some innovative features, some ripped, some form of security.. overall a major improvement on IE-crappy-6.

torrents revolutionized the world of downloading.. i’ve been using them for over 3 years now, and it never ceases to amaze me how they redefined it all. i started with bit-tornado as a client, then switched to azureus. the latter still is the best in features.. the problem is that there are too many. then of course, being based in java never helps memory. bit-comet was a temporary.. now i’ve fallen in love with µTorrent – light, speedy, and max optimization of bandwidth. plus enough features, not making it the idiot users client.

speaking of bandwidth, the UK has officially gone crazy. 8 megabit connections are to be the norm in about 2 weeks across the island.. everyone gets upgraded for free. 8 Mbps. i can’t imagine the speed. thats a download rate of 800 Kbps. eight-fucking-hundred. its a joke, right ? unbelievable. can i ever get used to slower connections ? i shudder to think of home, and 512 Kbps barely making the standard. ouuuuuuuuuuuch.

thanks to tapan’s review, i managed to watch ‘wardat’. amazing is barely the word. from the initial scenes of the great one doing a bond-entry, to the high tech micro-receivers attached to locusts that then destroy anything they are focussed on.. and jumbola the super-villain; plus the MI-style incomprehensible sub-plots of gunmaster g-9’s babes – i am in awe. which brings me to the king of all fight scenes, the greatest song ever, and a torture scene bond could never pull off.

truly… amazing.


2 thoughts on “thinking aloud

  1. Ahh… so you have seen the Wardat light. 🙂
    Hope I hadn’t exaggerated things when I wrote about it…. 😉
    Trust you to have seen ‘Surakksha’…. and where did you get Wardat from? a Torrent? If so, just check whether they have ‘Saahas/Sahhas’…

  2. FF is defifnitely the better choice right now, but that all might change with IE 7. For an unbiased user like me, doesnt matter which one, only the best one 😉

    About the 8 mbps norm in the islands, thats going to be a big problem when we get back home…I have grown up on dialup and only later got a 256 kbps line…what on earth is that good for now ?

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