there are no words


not my style, this. but nevertheless, i have been inspired. let me try.

a pretty decent coverage of what i’m talking about is here.

from the facts i know of, the proposal for reservation in indian colleges happened about a month ago. i remember getting agitated over the fact that premier institutes in the country were going to have to admit students who were just not upto the standard that they stood for. online petitions, arguments with friends, i was getting heated up.

then news. reservations are old hat. politically motivated vote attractors. long ago (i’m talking 10-odd) there were similar proposals for the private sector of the industry. booted out eventually, once the elections were over. i don’t have a problem with that. votes, politics, politicians – they all suck.

apparently, i might be wrong.

in addition to reservation in education, there was one for the india inc. and funnily enough, india inc said they don’t mind these as such.. at the discretion of the company. it fell through, once this admission was made. the seeds have been sown. stats show that merit-based employment in companies doesn’t mean that backward castes do not get jobs. the probabilities are similar. backward castes have a slightly higher chance of not getting a job – 3%. reservation doesn’t make the odds at par, it makes it lop-sided in their favour. essentially meaning, if i am from a backward caste; i do not have to be as good as as someone who is non-backward caste.
the one for education though, is to become law. now, speaking as a student who is has to obtain anything he wants on merit; it is more than a little ridiculous. an opinion shared. so the polls were finished, and there was no sign of retreat in reservation. protests happened. repulsed with lathi charges. doctors dragged in the dust. beaten up. this is fact.

not according to the police. the first statements were issued. students were not lathi-charged. then, they were lathi charged because they were planning to mob the raj bhavan. then, that force had to be used because they were breaking in.

protests are still happening. the reaction is minimal. news of protests outside his house, meant that the CM in mumbai decided to go to shirdi. and the government is still committed. my guess is its a matter of pride now. very much like the british and the “quit india” movement of 1942.

the point ? facts and figures show enough that the reservation will not solve the problem, if there is any to start with. reservations means molly-coddling a populace which needs a kick up its butt to get any work done in the first place. they mean that the populace that can get things done is not going to be allowed to, because they are the only ones to get things done anyway. from the point of view of empowerment, the fact that the so called open category is less than 20% of the country says a lot. “brahmins”, who are supposedly the worst offenders make up 3%. no reservation. the 80% of the country that doesn’t want to improve their lot need not perform even as half as well as the rest; and should be given every oppurtunity to show they cannot perform.

i have studied in india. i have seen how students admitted under reservation perform. 90% of them cannot. and the 10% that do, would be able to obtain a seat based on merit.

a stop-gap solution invented 50 years ago for a newly born nation is to be made permanent. for the sake of politics.

its a question that comes up when we talk here. would any of us, who talk, want to enter the system ? reform it ?
the answer, not surprisingly, is no. its too dirty for us to want to clean it ourselves. so all our empty talk, is just that: empty words.

if i was in india, today, now, working; watching this destruction of the possibilities my country could have in the future (read reservations and protests); what would i do ? would i turn a blind eye ? would i be charged up enough to face being lathi-charged ? or would i do what i’m doing here, condemning crap with more crap ?

i don’t know.

and neither does anyone i ask this to.

as the title says, there are no words.

or, there are only words.

[ all blame for this can be attributed to:

(02:13:39) Raghu: you are wrong
(02:13:47) Raghu: unless you feel what you write no one will
(02:13:57) Raghu: i cant write for shit
(02:14:10) Raghu: thats why i am asking you to
(02:14:10) Raghu: consider yourself my proxy

thanks dude. in your honour.]


3 thoughts on “there are no words

  1. Vati

    Sorry for the delayed response!!

    I have been receiving several SMS to support this “anti-reservation” cause by sending to more mobiles!! I don’t believe in spams and I never did.

    Now coming to both your and Ashish points, I very well understand why students like you cannot do anything today. But you must have surely read about some IITians (it could very well be RAITians tomorrow) leaving their “kushy” jobs and starting a political party to ramp up India!! While we pray that they survive the political system here, I am sure any of us well setlled and having faith in India Inc. must take it up in future. Jayaram Ramesh and Goa chief Minister (sorry I don’t remember the name) are IITians. I have always wondered why there is no minimum qualifications for a politician in India. The day education is given more importance and the day India becomes a “literate” country is the day we all should look forward to. We are moving towards that day – I am confident.

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