now, i'm really feeling it


when i heard that reservations are official, the feeling of deja vu; that feeling of doom hit me.

but then i figured that it doesn’t really matter… protests will happen, hunger strikes and everything; and eventually it’ll all die down.time heals; i think. or makes you apathetic and cynical.
thats how it works. all over the bloody planet.


IIT-bombay students, people i know, are on hunger strikes. doctors are still on strike. medical students in delhi are protesting actively, preventing interviews; making themselves heard. rallies. door-to-door canvassing. everything possible.
the country is not giving up.

and even as i type this, goosebumps prickle, spirits rise – i want to be there, i want to strike, to protest; to make myself heard.

a spirit that used to exist in india, that fuelled a revolution 50 years ago has received a shot of adrenalin. i thought indians have become apathetic, given up on a system that has been systematically taken apart; away from its original ideas – that does not work anymore.
apparently not.

inquilab is back.

inquilab zindabad.


One thought on “now, i'm really feeling it

  1. Hey Sev. You know that really, really reminds me of Severus Snape from Harry Potter? Hee.

    And Inquilab Zindabad indeed. However, where I am, we aren’t feeling it at all. Everyone’s so whatever about it, it’s kinda sad 😦

    It’s good though, to see people protest about something they dont want 🙂

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