svizzera !


the complete lack of anything to do meant that i planned a trip to switzerland. yes, finally.DSCN0901.JPG

plus, ashish is there, and i hadn’t seen him in 2 years… so added incentive. i don’t like to die.

a brilliant trip, best shown in pictures, which i will append to this post. had a great time there, with and without ashish – but mostly with :). talked, figured, analysed – did everything i’ve missed for a while.

a quick lowdown on the rest. depending on mood, i might elaborate.

a beautiful country, la suisse, i managed to see engelberg, meiringen, zurich, geneva, and lausanne. and parts of luzern too. the picturesque swiss countryside did not let me down, and i grew to love it.

meiringen, for those not in the know, is home to reichenbach falls, where a certain mr. holmes nearly plunged to his death. though ashish and i couldn’t understand what he was doing there on such a steep cliff. we discovered the beauty of meringue pie, and “fell” for it. pun intended.

DSCN1261.JPGengelberg is where the above picture (in the header) is taken. a gigantic glacier at the top of the mountain.. loads of fun – activities, scenery and the like.

luzern was where we managed a boat cruise on the lake – and realised the shortage of girlfriends. 😀

the cities were beautiful, especially when i roamed the olden parts of the town. geneva has some beautiful gardens and sights that remain with you, but i personally preferred lausanne – a lot quieter and more picturesque than anything i’ve seen in a long time. the high point of zurich was literally its highest point: a breathtaking view of everything in a 10 mile radius possibly.

that was the “quick and dirty” as i believe they call it in newspaper parlance. be happy. and good.

oh, and “hopp schwiz !” is the swiss fan screaming “Up Switzerland !” only about 200 thousand times during a match.


4 thoughts on “svizzera !

  1. hey satch great pics man! Must have been a fun trip… lucky bastard… While we are on the topic, any idea where i can put up snaps? flickr has a measly 20 mb a month or so… yahoo photos has unfortunately tied up with flickr… photobucket resizes your images to 1 mb, which is quite shitty… So now?

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