virtual reality


“This is not the way.”

Anonymous words, really. He thought back. Some random movie, probably. The words were appropriate, the usage justified. He looked away.

Why does he have to resort to cliches ? Its a matter of speaking from the heart, right ? She didn’t know what to say. How could she ? There really is no reply to cliches, empty or otherwise. Damned idiot. Even though she knew his next words would be…

“Say something.”

Bang on cue. Silly fool. She looked at him. After everything that had happened, it had come down to this. This. Fate, it seems, is not without its sense of irony. Now she was doing it too. Shite.
As if on a defence mechanism, her mind went back. To the first time. And the reversal of roles since then.

She’s going on a memory trip. He knew that look. And he was out of ideas. Blame, time, situations, emotions… nothing really made sense anymore. Was there a way to end it ? Not really. He liked rhetoric and cliches. Not surprising.

He was not looking at her. Not surprising. At all. Was he really to blame ? A question she thought she had had the answer to. I don’t know. To think it could all be over in a matter of seconds. But that would leave no closure. And they needed closure. A glance.

A glance. His closure was coming. Finally.


Explosions. Slow motion. Classic movie-style. Apparently, they’re based in reality.
They both started to smile.

The camera panned out, hovering over the remnants. the game screen menu appeared, translucent enough to show the aftermatch.

He tore his eyes off the screen, just as hers turned towards his face.

“You know, we really need a better way to resolve our fights.”
“You just say that coz I kicked your butt.”

Sigh. What would she do without this ?


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