when i try to kill time


…i’ve realised i don’t really kill it.

a new look for the blog has happened. its fauna customized, with some neat AJAX plugins. thats while i wait for k2 to be updated… the next one promises to be a major upgrade. i wanted to go back to squible, seeing as it has some great updates, but the beta 2 refused to work – widgets and all.

which brings me to my additions. simple theme, this.. no major frills. added AJAX for viewing comments and expanding posts, as well as a live preview of comments for you chaps. am using widgets for the first time, simpler theming in some ways, if the damned theme gets the implementation right ! my archives go back to being dull, as this theme is not very supportive of live archiving 😦

am tending towards minimalism or kiwi – one a completely stripped blog; and the other a completely widgetized blog. 2 opposite approaches.. but the look is not coming out just yet. kiwi has enough features to play around with for ages.. the other would look sleek.

maybe in a week. should be bored enough by then.

memo to self: AJAX comments in any form and Spam Karma 2 do not go well together 😦


2 thoughts on “when i try to kill time

  1. You remind of myself hehehe – I kept changing my themes ever so often, till I ended up making one of my own based on Squible and Hemingway. Not the greatest work of art, but I think was pretty happy in the end.

    I think u should just develope a theme yourself – wordpress is quite easy!


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