a series of unfortunate events


italy world cup winners

and italy has won the fifa world cup 2006. and yet, no-one really feels like celebrating.

classy henry brilliant zidane

zinedine zidane has finally reached the end of a long and brilliant career. and people will not eulogize him.

thierry henry played his heart out today. and people will not feel for him.


due to one event.

zidane finally leaves an arena that he conquered. his name so far spoken with reverence, will not. people do not forget such finales.
the man who single-handedly rang rings around brazil, inspired a zidane finaleso-called “old” french side to a world cup final – an idol for millions… has fallen.

italy, a team barely touted to reach the knock-outs, let alone the final.. wins on penalties. which incidentally have to be the silliest way of deciding a no-result match.

at the end of the day, the mouth is bitter. a month and a half of football has come to a sorry end. supposedly the “grand finale” people eagerly await the world-over for 4 years.
a great day for football, indeed.

Photos from Yahoo!, Getty Images, and Sports Illustrated


8 thoughts on “a series of unfortunate events

  1. Zidane will remain the king…events like this can NOT overshadow the sheer brilliance of the man. He has been idolised and idealised…and as u know Ideas cannot be HURT, or forgotten…

    As far as the incident goes, the Italian guy must have said something…nasty…really nasty…otherwise why would this happen ?

  2. i don’t why zidane had to go and screw up his final match…whatever any player might have said, he’s supposed to deal with his issues in a professional manner, he’s the captain for christ’s sake! atleast without that headbutt france would have lost graciously or even had better chances of winning, who knows?
    but this time its been the most unpredictable worldcup…everyone had high expectations from germany, brazil, argentina and…and as you’ve rightly said, although italy won, it’s just not stirring any satisfaction within us. c’est le sport i guess…

  3. Agree.

    This was a sorry end to the world cup. All that hype and that buildup, all to nothing. And Zidane is to blame for it – no one else. He was the HERO of 1998 – unfortunately, here he exits as a ZERO.

    One of my idols, goes down in such a shameful manner. Disgraceful :(. I am disappointed beyond words – I couldnt even care if Italy won it, though I was actually rooting for them!


  4. SEV

    @Ashish: You mean they shouldn’t overshadow him. But they will. When gods come crashing down, they really crash.
    I disagree.. there is no “idea” here – there is only a man – who’s final moment in football was to leave the arena with a downcast head… and never look back.
    And no provocation can justify violence in a game. Any game. Ever.
    And anyway, sledging in football is far worse than cricket. Even Zizou did it.

    @Anand: Following in the footsteps of the Gods ? 😀

  5. Blame my recently-turned-cynical mindset for this, but I think there is lot more than just some abuse that caused the “head of God” incident. Money, anyone? Speculation, speculation! Hoping against hope that a money deal does not raise its head as explanation for this incident. All this is a result of my unwillingness to see ANY justification for GOD to do what he did 😦

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