sealed off


ever picked up one of those items sealed in a hard plastic cover ? the kind that are apparently built to resist all methods of opening ?

i hate those. i’ve spent 20 fucking minutes trying to open one, and am looking for the anti-nuclear warning on the cover now.

dammit. why would you want to do that to someone who pays you money ?


3 thoughts on “sealed off

  1. Dude I have problems opening even CD’s. They do have a little strip which you can pull all the way around the CD, thereby dissecting the plastic cover into two parts. But till today I have never managed to find the free end of that strip. Whats the use if it is embedded below the plastic itself?

  2. I hate those things. I generally use a big pair of scissors just to cut the entire top off and then rip the two halves apart.

    I also absolutely hate those stickers they put on DVD’s. It’s bad enough when there’s just one, but sometimes there’s three of those things. But then it’s not such a big deal any more as I don’t keep any of my cases so I can hack away with a knife and not care about damaging the case.

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