not what i expected


we all probably know of the release of FF2 beta 1, if not; here’s a quick round-up of the features; with a lengthier review as well.

in short, a lot of the “features” touted in FF2 are currently possible in FF 1.5.[whatever] using extensions. namely the tab-mix-plus and google toolbar extensions. google suggest: check. spell-check: check. undo close-tab: check. feed-reader subscribe: check.
i can do all of these – and even more – if i use the above extensions.

so, then.. what exactly am i gaining by going to FF2 ? lets face it, when i switched to FF0.8 in 2004 from the original mozilla suite, i went to the best browser around. simply because of the innovation, the fresh new look, the speed. IE6 sucks even today, and IE7 only mariginally improves on it by taking the best of FF’s features and implementing them with some memory management. it’s still nothing compared to the extensibility of FF, and hence i’ve not switched back. FF1.5 was a good improvement, and today i cannot imagine life without all my extensions.

some of the memory leak problem that has dogged FF since its launch is now apparently handled a little better. i’m not complaining. integrating extensions into the basic browser will help that – i’m still not complaining.

but where is the innovation ? where is the FF that caused us geeks to stand up and take notice of the “fastest browser on the web” ? the one that made us realise the travesty that was IE6 ? face it, this is the browser that is the reason microsoft had to rewrite IE, cause opera to become free.. and so much more.

and its next major release involves integration of popular extensions into its existing framework. thats it.

i’m not happy. at all. i’ll upgrade when the time comes due to security, and the memory management and so on, but the FF that “rediscovered the web” seems to be dead.


3 thoughts on “not what i expected

  1. Very well said 🙂 – I also felt the same – Firefox 2.0 beta was just disappointing – I wouldnt even call it Alpha. There was nothing new about it.

    I think firefox is just trying to catch up with numbers at this point – IE 7, Netscape 8, Opera 9 – they suddenly feel behind I guess 😀


  2. SEV

    @MyWhisperings: In all probablility Firefox 2.0 will be worth the upgrade due to the features and memory management alone – plus the security. My gripe is with the fact that the innovation factor seems to have disappeared from the Mozilla lexicon. It has become more commercialized – Google integration is due to Google funding – which is a sad day indeed for a fan such as me.

    @Suyog: Catch-up is a good way of putting it. Which just makes it sadder, as we all know Firefox does need to do that. They just need to “be themselves”.

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