hindi film-making 101


i applaud rakesh roshan. he knows exactly how to make a movie that has it all. every emotion and possible storyline under the sun. from comedy, tragedy, melodrama, villainy to reunion, flashbacks and tech-babble. and have fun while doing it. loads of fun.
i went to ‘krrish’ expecting to be completly frustrated, a la fanaa. but i wasn’t. i had fun. i mocked everything possible… but i had fun.

[note 1: to kunal kohli – those italicized words point to what the average moviegoer is expecting from a movie. not crap, fun]

which is not to say its perfect. far from it. unneccessary melodrama, songs that make you want to tear your ears out and stupid, stupid dialogue. regardless of how sincere those actors on screen are, you can’t refrain when they’re trying their best to mouth dialogue like

[girl]: mere maa ko kya bataoge ?
[guy]: ki mein tumse pyaar karta hoon…
[girl]: aur ?
[guy]: ki mein aasmaan ke taare ko pakadke laaonga..
[girl]: aur ?
[guy]: ki tumhe sapne dekhna hai, aur mein unhe saphal karooga…

and every cliched “romantic” dialogue in hindi cinema since kingdom come.
plus of course ‘pehna do, na ?’; and ‘tum mujhe chhod kar nahi jaa sakte !’ and blah and blah and blah..

i’ve seen a million articles since/before the release about the ‘indian superhero’. true, to a point. and not so, too. its still, fortunately or unfortunately (depending on your taste) a hindi film movie. you have the silly comedy, the gorgeous locales, the absurd situations and so on… but there’s an underlying note in the film that kinda holds it together. usually, this is passed off as ‘the film has heart’.
there is no doubt about that.

mr. roshan spends his own time catering to the cliches everywhere. which gets a tad irritating at times. but hell. its a hindi movie. people apparently like that kinda stuff.

‘krrish’ is not about the realism, or fantasy. its in an in-between world, where you’re a kid. and you believe that when superman exists, he really exists. you don’t care about trivia about his planet, or how exactly he came to know about it all… you just know ‘superman good. superman beat up bad guys. superman fly. superman have superpower !‘ and then try to take off into the hall of your house. and thats how ‘krrish’ is meant to be seen. not comparing it to the mythology of superheroes who’ve had 70 years to develop a complete biography, and possible logic about it all.

the obvious plot-holes exist unfortunately, but more fun is figuring where each action sequence is “inspired from”(‘hey, spiderman !’ ‘hey batman !’ ‘hey m:i 2’ ! ‘hey matrix 3 !’ etc).. there are actually some similarities to ‘anniyan’ in the ‘krrish’ style; especially in the look. a major ‘deja vu’. at some points, roshan doesn’t know where to stop with the scene. but why krrish has to have his signature move like he’s riding a gigantic cycle is still beyond me.

the CGI is definitely a new level of work for hindi cinema, and more importantly, hindi cinema budgets. some wirework is simply crazy and a lot of it obviously inspired, but nevertheless the scenes are slick, taut, and look good.

naseer and rekha simply re-affirm status as greats. to convincingly be a super-villain not aping ‘mogambo’: naseer kicks ass. manages to look uber-cool james bond type villain too. and rekha actually shares more chemistry with hritik than his lady-love priyanka – who incidentally plays second-lead competently enough. and looks amazingly hot.
and hritik… well, he works. body, moves, action, expressions… he makes it all seem believable. and makes it fun. and of course, he is the superhero of dancing. jaws. wide. open. plus, without trying to sound gay, he has to be like man-candy.. looking like that.

watch krrish in action like you were a kid. enjoy it – silly jokes n all. have the time of your life ridiculing the silly situations and melodrama. get floored by the action. and you’re leaving the theatre with a smile on your face.

its about having fun.
just don’t try riding the gigantic cycle. you’ll just look stupid.


4 thoughts on “hindi film-making 101

  1. So, it seems hindi movies do it again. There have been quite a few super-humans ( note : now super-heroes ) who have been part of quite a few hindi extravaganzas. Toofan, G-9, Shehanshah…and many many more. These ‘beings’ seem to do what is expected of them…they keep the audience engrossed for a good duration and so the movies work.

    I guess the story with Krrish is the same. We cant expect superheroes like Spiderman, Batman et al…from the hindi cinema…They wont work. People need to identify and know them before they appear on the silverscreen. They need to come from comics, folk lore, or something…

    But I dont see chacha chaudary or Naagraj doing it…Super Commando Dhruva is a possibility…

    I think it will take more time for a genuine Indian Superhero to come forth and claim his/her/its destiny. 🙂

  2. I am shocked on reading your review. Don’t get me wrong, I think it was well written and all that. What shocks me is that YOU actually watched a mainstream, out and out Bollywood masala flick! Maybe you always did see them, but somehow you never came across as the types who would 🙂 Well, theres more to you I guess, huh?

  3. Ani

    I loved Krrish!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Hindi cinema is picking up the pace after all… a good combination of the Matrix, Superman, Spidey and every other action-packed movie that’s come out in recent times… and yes, it had it’s stupid parts of course)

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