in competition..


after reading a very interesting article about the myths surrounding firefox, i was curious enought to try out opera 9. supposedly having everything FF “claims to have” and much more… even if the site-author uses avant… and given that i’m unable to work on any other but my own firefox installation currently, its a real test to see if opera does it for me.

so far, i’m impressed by the sleekness of the package. some neat intuitive features, simple options… and i thought i might just replace FF. the wand feature has to be ultra-cool, as is tab preview.
rendering issues. major. its happening right now on this web-page with the width of the text barely understanding its own text box. the page fonts look different to me too, which doesn’t seem right. FF couldn’t be completely changing the look of pages in wordpress ! opera has problems with google too.. and that shows on their homepage, gmail, and even reader.

the big thing i’m missing is the simpler adblock and the tab-mix-plus… i’m a little spoiled 🙂

it may just be a matter of me getting used to it, or discovering whether i’ve screwed up some setting to cause such variation to what i see in firefox… so i’m going to give it a coupla days. but i can see why opera never appealed to me – not when i saw it as supposedly “the fastest browser on the web” a few years ago.. or on prasanna’s laptop.

and these #$@%$%@# keyboard shortcuts, have caused me to retype this 4 times. @#@!#@#$$#@%$R@#$@#$…

update: can’t handle wordpress correctly, back to FF for now.. will try to use tomorrow, for general webbing. no support for yahoo mail beta. its like opera is being kept out of the market.
final take ? i can’t live without adblock now. ads I didn’t know existed are showing up.. me no like. plus the google factor. unfortunate, because opera has all the features and more that anyone could ask for. FF does not even come close in that sense. but extensions take it away. FF is the browser for the future. at least for now.

in other tid-bits, i’m in love with google notepad, and there are quite a few ways for indian bloggers to circumvent the ban.


One thought on “in competition..

  1. I dont know about opera…My phone comes with the lightweight version which renders both html and wml…it looks okay. I have fairly recently gotten into firefox after getting completely frustated with IE’s hoplessness. Opera…Im not so sure…maybe if the Indian government manages to ban firefox due to the increase in the efficieny of terrorist activities… 🙂

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