happy friendship day my foot !


give me one reason why i would want to spam everyone i know saying ‘happy friendship day’ ?
22 mails and counting thus far.

i do not appreciate the “sentiment”. and i will want to kill you if you send such crap to me. and rethink my friendship. do i really want to degenerate to your level ?

reiterating the thought, you say ? you think that we need a special day to remind each other that we ARE friends ? methinks friends shouldn’t need such reminders. maybe we should remind everyone we know about how we’re related to each other.

oh, wait. we already do that.

my theory of degeneration is steadily gaining credence.


3 thoughts on “happy friendship day my foot !

  1. well all these occasions were created by hallmark to ensure that each month there are atleast 2 occasions for selling the cards….
    hence expand their market from christmas to the whole year

  2. Ohh I totally forgot !!
    Happy Friendship Day, dear freind Satish.

    May our friendship live forever !! :))


    P.S. : The spelling mistake is intentional – I now have many friends and many more freinds ! 😛

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