the music is don for


ever since i read how mindblowing the music of the next SRK starrer, Don, was.. i was more than a little curious. given the hype for Guru and D2, Don is paling just a little in comparison. even starring the biggest star in the film industry today.

so, i finally listen.

and ?

sorry, suyog. i don’t exactly agree.
people might remember the remix industry, and how popular it is in india. i mean, there are movies which have barely been released, and music has been remixed to be played on the music channels 20 times a day. the extra beats, and different vocals do not appeal to me. but popular they are.

and thats exactly what i felt when i listened to Don.

i’m not saying its not good. its decent enough. even good by “himesh” standards (which involve a nasal freak yowling into the mike. and being worshipped.).
but, its Don. the music has passed into legend. the songs are on our lips even today. the beat, the rhythm, the lyrics… they’re already amazing.
and here we have the same things.. with different vocals, an updated tempo… you get the idea. performed well on occasion as well.
and so, the problem. the original stuff is all thats there, just a little repackaged. i can’t blame them.. you can’t change the music of Don without changing the identity of the movie.
so, at the end of the day, i’m left with a remix album.
kinda fitting that a remake should have remixes of the original as music.

now, for a 5 foot-nothing romantic actor to try and pull off a role defined by someone who has literally shoes too big to fit in.
something tells me thats just going to be a remix as well.

to be fair, i must give it to them for the instrumentals – the themes essentially. catchy, and techno enough. and more importantly, kinda new.


One thought on “the music is don for

  1. Now I dont really know, but I really loved this album – perhaps the fact that it keeps a good check on by bass systems makes me happy hehehe 😀 – And in any case, I am partial towards bass and techno stuff. Though must say, for all my mindblowing rating to its music, its music disappeared from my car as quickly as it got in…. 😦

    Long time on your blog – jeez – lots of posts to catch up right now!


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