the first day


it was the first day.. again.

i remember the first time i went to school, or at least the first cognizant memory of me going to school. it was in DESS, dubai; and i walked into a classroom full of english kids. probably laid the foundation for my anglophilia too.. but the trepidation of being in a new place, a new time was shaky.

there have been numerous “first time”s since then. and each one was shaky, even scary to me. i remember crying, because i didn’t know what to do, the first time i sat in my school in bombay. i had just arrived in the city; and eventually it just got to me. there was college where i had been warned about how my college was “famed” for having the worst ragging possible in bombay. that i have never been ragged in my life is ironic then. and then there was aberdeen, where i walked in to be greeted in tamil of all languages.
and each one of those led to some of the best times ever.

now that i think about it, the first day of every new academic year is so uncertain. you don’t know who’s in your class; whats to happen that year.. you’re conscious of the haircut and the new shoes that you’re possibly flaunting.

today was my first day of graduate school. and it still feels like that day i remember walking into my new school in dubai. including the new shoes.

and its just as damn tough too.



7 thoughts on “the first day

  1. Where to my man? What are you post-gradding in? 🙂
    First days eh? Add the first day at job ones to your list too. One gets so … as you rightly put it… conscious. Probably one of the most universal emotions – with the fear of acceptance by the new lot being the biggest one. The school related ones are especially vivid for me too, since I changed 3 schools, and I bawled on the first day of each and every one.
    All the best at whatever you’re taking up next!

  2. Hey,
    Hope your first day turned out well. Did you meet faculty and other lab mates?
    Got your desk space, and found nice lunch ? [:)]
    Waiting for details now…

    And hey, congrats for entering grad school. And all the very best – do some kick ass research, and get out of “school” quickly !!

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