down with the drama !


amongst the 3 billion things that i usually hate in the real world, i’m now being forcibly reminded of something that i’ve managed to avoid for a while. serials. on tv.

i refer not to the comedic sitcoms. most of those are watchable to some extent, even if the classics ‘friends’ and ‘seinfeld’ have long since left our rooms. what better use of reruns or DVDs ?

no. i refer to dramas.

and sadly, i was once victim to the craze of following a tv drama too. recently when i got my hands on the DVD collection, i realised the beauty of rose-tinted glasses when we’re younger. i’m barely able to watch half the episodes now, and that is money well gone. no matter. we all slip up.

but we cannot all slip up every single fucking day.

enter the indian tv serial. language no bar. they all feature the same non-actors who spout wooden dialogue that is literally ported from serial to serial when the same situation arises. and trust me, the same bloody situations arise in all of them. then, of course, we have the standard screeching they want to call music that is blared at every given oppurtunity. some in fact, are slightly imaginative. they feature full-fledged song-and-dance routines from the movies. mostly unhearable. if these don’t cause us to tear our hair out while trying to eat our ears off, we have the camerawork/direction. the cumulative effect is that any sane person would probably suffer brain haemorrage as their brain atrophies due to the assault on the senses.

no, wait. i haven’t talked about the camerawork. or direction. or random kid who plays with his camcorder. the same end-result anyway.
wooshing while moving camera across characters face: check. zoom in and out about 3 trillion times for no reason at all: check. random slow motion sequences: check. snapshot faces (devoid of expression ) of characters in the scene: check. cause viewer to not be able to look at the screen continuously: check.

finally, we have the storylines. the story/script writers should have been targets of infanticide. such colossal wastes of airspace should not exist. worst of all, they get paid for coming up with improbable stories involving non-aging generations of people, murder, intrigue, twisted family trees with definite overtones of incest… you get my drift.

we have(or recently had) protests in india about the censorship laws that have been passed. how all those hollywood movie channels/music channels are “corrupting” the pure naive minds of our children today. and so blackouts, and court cases abound.. as is to be expected. funny that no-one ever dreams of protesting this genre of purely indian shows. watching these shows on a regular basis will probably cause a generation of mindless drones to be developed.

alas ! there is no-one to cry “down with the drama !”


2 thoughts on “down with the drama !

  1. In a way, we should thank these serial makers. Thanks to them, I’m watching serials less, reading more, going out more and generally engaging in more fruitful stuff… They have managed to do what legions of parents, well-wishers, teachers et al have failed so far…

    Do I sound sarcastic? Definitely am…

    Keep up the good work… SEV

  2. Grrr! dont even get me started on Kekta Kapoor – I sincerely wish that she, Aruna Irani and George Bush must be locked in a room forever. The axis of evil will have finally been taken care of hehehehe 😀


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