having read about “its showtime“, i’m blown away.
on an unrelated note, the yearning for a macbook, just for the sake of the beauty of those things grows..


itunes 7, movies, and updated ipods & nanos were always a given. the tiniest possible shuffle ? itv ? you kidding me ? have the mac-men taken the lead in the “digital home” race ? they’ve completely knocked the socks off the rumours out there anyway. most of them, actually came true !itv_big.jpg

all the DRM, lack of compatibility be damned.. you fall in love with the sheer “sleek” of the apple gadgets. never have i wanted things so much. and known that i’ll probably never go for fulfilling it. dammit.

DRM reminds me, the new feature of itunes involves allowing authorized computers to access the music off the ipod. music thats been bought off itunes. but transfers are allowed, provided that both computers are authorized. very interesting compromise between RIAA and user-requirement.
and then back to “wow. just wow.”

[linky: engadget(1,2,3,4) for more hands-on action]


3 thoughts on “i-myf*ckinglord

  1. It’s pretty darned hard to crash a mac too.. I run with a whopping 256 mg memory. That’s it and I run multiple programs cause I bore quickly, so I can switch from one to the other all day long.

    I’ve dropped it, forgotten to turn it off… for days. Travelled with it and just generally thoroughly enjoyed it! It doesn’t do some web page coding I believe too well. I know that our business website I have to bring up my husband’s computer to see it the way I made it originally…OR…I can run an emulator on my mac and have Windows XP. However, since I’ve never upgraded the memory that is agonizingly slow. But, the differences for the most part aren’t that bad.. do I need to see a peach colored scroll bar?

    iTunes, can be used on XP. The music purchased there can be used on Five authorized computers and/or iPods.

    There are programs for mac.. that are.. free. Some are shareware and work but have some of the features disabled unless you pay for it. It’s just all around.. very cool. Of course, this all just my own opinion!

  2. I was quite disappointed frankly 😦 – Except for their ultra small shuffle, nothing impressed, most of all the nano.

    Now, who in their right minds would shell out 249$ for a black 8 Gb nano, when a 30 gb Ipod is availabe for the same price? and whats the deal with keeping Black a exclusive color? Why not black in other colors – i think it was pretty cheap of Apple to do that.

    Coming to iTV, i dont see why I should use it at all, unless there happens to be a decent online movie rental service in place – iTunes doesnt do rental, and buying a 640×480 which is not even DVD quality (forget HD) is not going to look “cool” at all when you have a 50 inch behemoth HDTV (like me … eh.. err umm… :D) . If I had to spend 300 bucks behind iTV, I could very well buy a ubercool DVD player and rent my heart out from Netflix.

    Instead, Apple should have introducted a proper Media – MAC – something inbetween Mac Mini and Mac Pro, whose sole purpose was for digital living. I fail to see what Apple is going to achieve….

    All in all, my dreams of owning Apple are now washed away… until they really realize some good hardware (I was so hoping a core 2 duo powered mac mini, but that was not to be either 😦 )


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