geotagging evolution


the big step in evolution of online photo sharing recently was the integration of geotagging. i’m not including google’s concept of making us all trained monkeys and tagging all their photos.

recently, i’ve been hearing about facebook, myspace, and others as everyone realised that this was a gigantic market that was developing in slow motion as compared to the evolution of everything else.
then, yesterday, orkut’s servers went down. i assumed the same old server problems were plaguing them.

i’ve already noticed the slight interface AJAXification.. now i see “friends maps” and “related friends”. yes, friends “geotagged” according to the location they feed in. very neat way of ensuring i know where everyone is. and then the common friends list. the usual way of finding people to add to your contact list is to scan their list, and add as seen.

and the point to it all ? orkut is for keeping in touch. every little helps.

unfortunately people don’t pay complete attention to their orkut details. gah.
looking good to me, all the same 😉
now, if only people would realise that forwarding crap on orkut is also a form of spam…


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