welcome zune


via digg, a coupla videos of the zune in action.

it looks like an interesting competitor to the slickness of the ipod, and being the latest gadget will help. sometimes its not good to be the no.1 in a market 🙂

amongst things showcased, the really interesting one is the ‘share music’ feature. apparently those songs will exist for 3 days after sharing, then self-destruct in M:I style… but once again, an interesting compromise option by a media player with the RIAA.

the 3 day self-destruct is the latest form of DRM – viral DRM. and so, microsoft has managed to kill their product quite beautifully..

the fact that it has DRM support takes it completely off my list, but i think that sadly the media player companies are catering to the RIAA a great deal… making it increasingly crappy to find an upgrade to an iRiver h140. i’m not including the concept of being able to hack the firmware a la rockbox. i refer to john q. public who could care les that DRM exists.
ah well. sometimes, old is the only way to be. even in the super-fast tech world, the tortoise adage seems to be holding up well 🙂


2 thoughts on “welcome zune

  1. I am not so sure I like anything that I purchase to self destruct in three days. I haven’t yet had enough time to make sure I get it saved without killing it in some fashion. Which means, once destructed I’d have to repurchase it again?

    I prefer indefinately but only on the authorized computers. That way, no matter what I have it somewhere.

  2. SEV

    @Sol : Well.. the “viral DRM” applies only to songs transferred over wifi to another Zune.. ie if I send a file to you via wifi, it’ll only last on your Zune for 3 days. Apparently the song gets wrapped in some DRM when saved on your Zune.
    Purchases would be the same as iTunes, I’ve heard Urge is pretty good.

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