outrage and interest


if the RIAA wasn’t enough, interesting that music in any form is now subject to copyright. and hence, DRM extends.. [via arun]

on the good side, a beautiful look at the periodic table. [via google OS]

to balance things out, a periodic look at the bond girls too 🙂 [via digg]

and finally, i’m officially going to lament about this: even though i have an official RC1 product key, and i can download legally and test (even the latest 5728 release); i can’t. one laptop, that is the be-all and end-all; and basic hdd space. arrrrrrrgh.

plus of course, i have no idea why ‘livesearch’ and the ‘rolling archives’ (the scrollbar on top here) are possibly screwing up on reloading/revisting the blog. something to do with caching, but i have no clue. dammit.

Note: let me KNOW if you guys are facing problems with either of those. or anything else. alternatively, let me know if you’re not. both help. for one, i wouldn’t try to figure out whats going wrong; when nothing is. 🙂


One thought on “outrage and interest

  1. A) Windows Vista RC1 works like a charm on my 3.2ghz, 1gb RAM, 200gb HDD Box.

    B) Stop using Ajax on the blog. The theme should inherently support it. I cant have Ajax on my theme for the same reason. None of it works properly, including the Ajax comments plugin and Ajax expand now. Something to do with the code I guess. PHP, anyone?

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