integrating updates


google reader gets a very interesting update.

screenshot-googlereader.png while the interface is definitely more functional, and sleek; while retaining that concept of reading all the feeds at once – which is what i liked in the first place.. i’m missing the ‘intelligent tagging’ where it guessed the tag based on what one had saved. other than that very minor glitch.. sweet. very very sweet. i didn’t know of the existence of public reader ‘pages’.. gives me some ideas 🙂

i don’t see a beta on the logo logo.pnganymore either. interesting, but i thought that would happen when its integrated with mail, a la thunderbird.

the small touches are all there, though.. the subtle outlining of the current post thats being read, the AJAX, the ‘views’ concept from gmail being ported over, unlimited post reading (you just keep on scrolling, and scrolling, and…); even the ‘list view’.. which makes the mail integration easier.. possibly.

update: correction to what i earlier said..

Tips and tricks
Here are some useful keyboard shortcuts: 

  • j/k: next/previous item
  • n/p: scan down/up (list only)
  • o/enter: expand/collapse (list only)
  • s: star item
  • + s: share item
  • v: view original
  • t: tag item
  • m: mark item as read
  • r: refresh
  • + a: mark all as read
  • 1: switch to expanded view
  • 2: switch to list view
  • + n/p: next/previous subscription
  • + x: expand folder
  • + o: open subscription or folder
  • g then h: go home
  • g then a: go to all items
  • g then s: go to starred items
  • g then t: open tag selector
  • g then u: open subscription selector

the last two lead to a sub-window like so:


i’m in awe. even better than i first thought. now, for making the interface a little more customizable – like adding or removing interface details – and we’re done 🙂

today, i also discovered the existence of the ‘MyLifeBits‘ project.. which is a MS venture.

MyLifeBits is a lifetime store of everything. It is the fulfillment of Vannevar Bush’s 1945 Memex vision including full-text search, text & audio annotations, and hyperlinks. There are two parts to MyLifeBits: an experiment in lifetime storage, and a software resecarch effort.

other than the fact that i love the concept, i wonder how much easier google is making it now. currently, my mail, my news, my social network, my photos, calendar, notes and chat are all part of google. information resource indeed.

to imagine myself only digitally, or rather, electronically reminds of the asimov story ‘eyes do more than see‘. nevetheless, the concept of being purely electronic, completely online in the DRM world of today is not a great idea either 😛

but would i ? hell yeah.

oh, and apparently, orkut is used by dumbasses with no real life too. i foresee a lot of people blanking out their profiles. to think that orkut is invite-based to avoid this kinda thing.. tch tch.

oh well. my logic still applies. i think.


2 thoughts on “integrating updates

  1. Somehow google scares me these days. Why do they want to store all my subscription info even after I delete them? After my disastrous gmail experience coupla days back, I am wary of using any google “labs” or “beta” projects.


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