Everyone seems to have an ‘About Me’, or and ‘About this blog’ page. While I’ve always found them interesting; I’ve never bothered to write one. I hate those kinda questions: “Write 5 lines about yourself”. In a virtual sense, its crap. I could be Superman’s real alter ego, not that ultra-geek Clark; and you’d not know the difference. Which reminds me, when you look like Clark, why wouldn’t girls fall over you ? And would everyone not know you were Superman ?

As obvious as the hint may sound above, I’m not gay. I’m not interested in knowing how to inflate organs to superhuman sizes either; I think they would eventually get to be a bit of an embarrassment. This fact is lost on spammers however.

The person behind this blog is someone I’m still discovering. To the world, I’m Satish Easwar Viswanath, or SEV. Professionally, engineer, medical physicist and student. Wannabe traveller – I’ve lived in the UAE, India, the UK and (currently) the US. I’m currently confused about how best to describe myself, so I’ll randomly point out some likes/dislikes and crap that you might like to know about me. I believe that’s the point of this page anyway.

I have been an Anglophile from the time I learnt the meaning of the word (around the age of 6). Towards this end, I have cultivated a near maniacal obsession with English grammar, and a rather underused ability to write. Other interests include music in any form, movies of any kind in any language, books (once again, something I stopped counting at age 6). Books can be extended to include “anything that can be read”, and I’ve been known to spend time reading ‘Rules and Regulations of sitting in the bus’, when I’ve had nothing else. Comics are developing into a passion.
Techstuff (esp related to computers) is one of the focal points in passing my time, and trivia of any kind is another. As an example, I have actually watched the 35 hours advertised on the Matrix 10 DVD box set. It’s actually 36 hours and 10 minutes, not including bathroom breaks. I have next to watch the LOTR extended “making”, having sat through the 12-odd hours of the three movies.

In other news, I’m a cusp of Aquarius and Capricorn (or should that be Capri and Aquarius ?); which is another way of saying I’m one amongst the 23 types of people in this world ? Photography would be a passion if I let it be, but my major character trait of faineance has precluded many such activities. I also love complicating my sentences. I have been known be acidly caustic on extended occasion, and hate mornings, the common cold, stupidity and spam.

This blog was fashioned due to a few too many free afternoons in a lab, boredom in doing some assignments, and a questioning nature that reared its head once I left home. There used to be a philosophical/introspective streak which you might find in the older posts; but somehow, this ground for thoughts is all that remains. I have moved over various platforms from Blogger, to MyBlogSite, and now plan to stick to WordPress. This domain is a collaboration with Ubertechnophile, and that happened due to a discussion in the UK about how Google is taking over the Internet.

The following is supposed to identify me to members of a elite community of geeks. I doubt it exists, because geeks are antisocial. I nearly am, but anyway :

Version: 3.1
GCS/E/IT/L/MU d-(+)@ s+:- a– C++$ ULC(+++) P+(++) L+(++) !E W++$ N+ o? K w+ !O M+ !V PS>+ !PE !Y PGP->+ t>+ 5>+ X R tv– b+++(++++) DI++++ D++ G++>+++ e+++>++++$ h+ r–>+++ y-


My bloginality, when I last checked, is INFJ (Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging).
We used to have a photo domain, but now you would find pictorial matter on my Picasa Web.

I try to keep up-to-date with all the blogs listed here, and then some. Please, contact me if you think you should be on this list; or if you want a reciprocal linky.

This is a pretty dynamic page, so don’t be surprised the next time you happen to come here..


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