I hate it when this happens.

Which is not to say it happens very often. This is possibly the first time. To be honest, though I’ve often wondered what it’d be like if it actually did happen.
Old proverbs are essentially true – ‘Be careful for what you wish for’, they say – I wasn’t, and now I’m regretting it.

I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ve not actually expounded on what has happened.

I’ve lost physical existence.
Yeah, read that again. Physical existence. In other words, my “astral body” is currently typing these words to you. Or soul, if you believe that kinda thing. Or ‘mental projection of the physical self’, to get all ‘matrix’-y on you.

You might think there’s a fallacy there. Spirits, or to give them a more popular name, ghosts; do not usually have the ability to grasp things. We’ve seen it in the movies.

Well, news flash :”mental projections” do.
What ? They’re one and the same thing ? Not really. Ghosts are more like mindless. I, however, have a pretty functioning mind. I think electrical synapses have made a transition into photonic dimensions. But it also means that ‘trains of thought’ could get diverted easily. You know, like a misfiring of a brake. or a gun. Saving the hero just in time…

No, wait. I was talking about this new plane of existence for me. Kinda cool, actually. Fingers keep slipping through the damn keyboard.. but the material seems slightly more resistant than say… my chair. I’m currently also partially concentrating on balancing on it. Spirits are not prone to gravity. What goes up, stays up.

Why am i posting about this on a blog ? Which has a miniscule readership as compared to, say, more than half the blog-world ? Blog-world, that makes it sound like a parallel universe. With its own laws n shit. Nice. I wonder who’d make ruler. Or super-villain… ummm… wait, wait. Why i’m doing this. Right. Well, felt like the kinda thing that you’d talk about on a blog. When you have nothing else to talk about. And work piling up by the minute. Yeah, its all gooooood.

Now, I have to figure out what i’m going to do with this kinda “power”. I could possibly make fleeting trips to random places. Nice. I will never be able to walk. Who cares ? I’m going to be flying ! Hey, I can even do those spidey-stunts. For real. Yay.
Maybe I should be doing that kinda cool stuff. And scaring the living shit out of everyone I know. Not struggling to type here. Jesus, this takes real mental effort. Kinda like a pointer of what we could really do if we wanted. I’m currently balancing myself in mid-air, materializing my fingers enough to type, and thinking about all this.

Umm.. wait. Fell down. Ouch. Interesting, thinking about thinking is not good. Yowch… askjldnsad; there I went again. Dammit.

There’s always a catch. Crap. I wonder… worth a shot, anyway. Anyone out there know how to reverse loss of corporeal existence ?

A random flight in fantasy. Inspired by a half-hour chat with kanchan going:

me: ha h
my laughter was cut off because i died
Kanchan: 🙂
is that ur astral body chatting then?
me: yes


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