i'm like an onion..


…i have layers. a la shrek. no, i don’t stink.

ancient marie meme. why ? simulations take too, too long.

layer one

  • name: Satish/SEV.
  • birth date: Jan 21st.
  • birthplace: Madras, India.
  • current location: New Jersey, USA.
  • eye color: Dark brown.
  • hair color: Black.
  • height: 6’1.something.
  • righty or lefty: Righty.
  • zodiac sign: Cusp – Aquarius/Capri.

layer two

  • your heritage: Indian, Brahmin (?!).
  • the shoes you wore today: Black Skechers Sport.
  • your weakness: Lotsa things. For one: persuasive girls 😉
  • your fears: Failure, being left all alone, personal loss.
  • your perfect pizza: Currently plain Sicilian.
  • goal you’d like to achieve: Professionally: a PhD. Mentally: Satisfaction.

layer three

  • your most overused phrase on AIM: I hate AIM.
  • your first waking thoughts: “Dammit. I’m going to be late.”
  • your best physical feature: Don’t think I have a ‘best’.
  • your most missed memory: Currently, the fun I’ve had in Aberdeen.

layer four

  • pepsi or coke: Neither.
  • mcdonald’s or burger king: Mac. Thats coz BK is in college now.. mostly, though – neither.
  • single or group dates: Single.
  • adidas or nike: Currently, neither.
  • lipton ice tea or nestea: Nestea.
  • chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate.
  • cappuccino or coffee: Coffee. With milk.

layer five

  • smoke: No.
  • cuss: Me? No fuckin’ way.
  • sing: Randomly, or pursuant to above weakness 😉 Not very well though.
  • take a shower everyday: Generally, every day.
  • do you think you’ve been in love: Yep.
  • want to go to college: I’m still going. And plan to for a while.
  • liked high school: Upto the 10th, yeah. Then I went to prison. It was possibly worse than even that though.
  • want to get married: I don’t care, currently.
  • believe in yourself: No.
  • get motion sickness: No.
  • think you’re attractive: No.
  • think you’re a health freak: No.
  • get along with your parent(s): Yep. Thank God.
  • like thunderstorms: Esp the rain. Used to walk in one at least in Bombay, every year.
  • play an instrument: Nope.

layer six
in the last month, have you…

  • drank alcohol: No.
  • smoked: No.
  • done a drug: No.
  • made out: No.
  • gone on a date: No.
  • gone to the mall?: Yes.
  • eaten an entire box of oreos?: No.
  • eaten sushi: No. Go tofu !
  • been on stage: Yeah, kinda.
  • been dumped: No.
  • gone skating: No.
  • made homemade cookies: No.
  • dyed your hair: No.
  • stolen anything: No.

layer seven
have you ever…

  • played a game that required removal of clothing: No.
  • if so, was it mixed company: N/a.
  • been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Trust me, I tried.
  • been caught “doing something”: Nope.
  • been called a tease: Not that I know of.
  • gotten beaten up: Nearly.
  • shoplifted: Kinda.
  • changed who you were to fit in: Yes.

layer eight

  • age you hope to be married: Again, I don’t care. ‘Never happening’ seems like a good answer.
  • numbers and names of children: One, adopted girl. Name, we’ll see.
  • describe your dream wedding: It would be fictional – so ‘on a spaceship’ doesn’t sound like a bad answer 😛
  • how do you want to die: Happy.
  • where you want to go to college: I would say MIT, but thats a pipe dream. I think Rutgers is good. And that’s where I am.
  • what do you want to be when you grow up: Professionally: an academic. Personally: Something people don’t hate.
  • what country would you most like to visit: Currently, Australia.

layer nine

  • number of drugs taken illegally: None.
  • number of people I could trust with my life: 7, possibly.
  • number of cds that I own: Audio – 2. mp3 – 30. DVDs don’t count, I guess.
  • number of piercings: Used be ones on my ears.
  • number of tattoos: None.
  • number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: 3, I think.
  • number of scars on my body: 5.
  • number of things in my past that I regret: Ah. Too many.

4 thoughts on “i'm like an onion..

  1. Heh. That was an interesting post 🙂

    Upto the 10th, yeah. Then I went to prison. It was possibly worse than even that though. I’m curious 😛

    shoplifted: Kinda. How do you ‘kinda’ shoplift?

    cappuccino or coffee: Coffee. With milk. ALL THE TIME! Plus it’s a bonus if it’s filter coffee 🙂

    birthplace: Madras, India. Woo hoo for Madras 😀

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