reader integration


remembering the new interface of google reader, random clicking brings me to a greasemonkey script to integrate it with gmail.

A lot of people have remarked on the similarities between the new Reader interface and Gmail’s. With this in mind, I’ve created a simple Greasemonkey script that adds a “Feeds” in Gmail. When clicked, Reader’s list view is loaded on the right.

ah. one step closer.


2 thoughts on “reader integration

  1. Suyog

    mmh – I still cant get myself to like RSS readers. Not just google. I like the feeling of visiting a particular site, exploring its feeling and read it then and there, rather than be informed abt it in a dull stale looking RSS reader. I know there are options for condensed and what nots, but I want to use 1 less techtool hehehe


  2. SEV

    @Suyog: Yeah, at one point I used to have this gigantic list of sites, then a gigantic list of live bookmarks… then Sage; then I finally gave into convenience 🙂
    Nevertheless, boring simulations mean more than enough time to explore… 😛

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