things you need to know


1. orkut has added inline scrap replies. now its even easier to waste time.india_holiday.jpg

2. their logo is in homage to diwali. awesome. the fact that india probably is on orkut, is now proven.

departed-poster.jpg3. the departed is an awesome, awesome movie. inspite of a tragic twist that occurred to me when i last was at a a theatre for watching it… the movie rocked. i worship this mr. scorcese too.

oh, and happy diwali.
just in case the 20 billion emails from orkut haven’t already pissed you off with regards to diwali wishes.

2 thoughts on “things you need to know

  1. warshhhh

    in no relation to any of this…Happy Diwali big bro!!
    are you allowed to burst any crackers there? i’m at nerul so had the nostalgic experience of doing so.. ah..childhood..take care..atleast wave a sparkler around just for fun..

  2. I am waiting for the day you can track your postings on the Orkut’s various forum threads. most of the good comments seems to be rather lost.

    BTW today your blog seems to be real slow…

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