i knew it

I’m loaded.

It’s official.
I’m the 617,928,589 richest person on earth!
How rich are you?


3 thoughts on “i knew it

  1. Woahh!! I checked it out too, it said I am in the top 1% of the world’s population in terms of money. Nahhh, it can’t be true man, I was thinking to myself. But then a quick google search validated this. It’s surprising how I still ‘need’ and ‘want’ so many things, being one of the richest people in the world should’ve been easier 😉 JK.

  2. Vati

    This is why I always advise people never to rate yourself with others. Always set your target and GO for it!! The taste is always bitter in th former case while there is a sense of achievement in the latter case. Mundanely all that a man needs is 6 feet on the earth!!

  3. Interesting website, try feeding in $100bn as your annual income and you are only the 107565th richest in the world! In fact all incomes above $200000 are 107565th richest in the world, while $200000 itself ranks at 786570!

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